Gabriela Škodáčková

„I speak Shopping Centers. That's the difference & benefit for my clients.“

Gabriela is a woman who spreads her life energy, creativity and ideas around her to help the people fulfill their dream jobs and lifes in Shopping Centre industry.

She assists tenants to understand the language of landlords while serving landlords when looking for the right replacement for currently vacant units. Preparation of proffesional manuals & handouts from the Shopping Centre industry is part of her job too. Event agencies appreciate her effort in creation and implementation of original shopping centre events, that fully respect SC requirements.

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If I had to list all the retail projects in which my clients are located, you'll find here a list of almost a hundred shopping centers in the Czech Republic and a dozen of them in Slovakia.

A few expansions that have gone through my hands are selected below for a demonstration.

Thanks to my clients, the trust they give me and the help of my colleagues from Dejsiprostor, I can sign my name under these beautiful projects: