22 Valentine’s day Display Window Ideas

You’re viewing my last picks in terms of amazing Valentine’s day display windows. I’ve found them on Pinterest, as usual. These are not the newest ones, but definitely deserve your attention. I’m pretty sure you’ll love them!

#1. Post-it -> every season in the game. Kind of easy way how to create an interesting shop window. Retailers and shopping centers use it a lot.

Pinterest.com | BLOOMINDALES, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, „Things we Love…..“, photo by Michelle P., pinned by Ton van der Veer.

#2. Not only Valentine’s day photo wall.

Pinterest.com | Saved from
parents.host. Created for Social media campaign for Mother’s day.

#3. Start with a snappy claim.

Pinterest.com | Article from Mannequin Mall.

#4. Sex sells. Doesn’t need any more comment. Does it?

Pinterest.com | Article from websta.me.

#5. „Ready-for-Valentine-suitcase“, or „all-you-need-in-one“.

Pinterest.com | Photo by stephanie alena on flickr. 2012.

#6. Cut it out from newspaper.

Pinterest.com | Saved by Marie B.

#7. A hand written letter never comes out of fashion.

Pinterest.com | Saved by DisplayBAY.

#8. Macrons? Never boring.

Pinterest.com | Saved by Kristin | B. Bottega Louie Valentine’s Day display in Los Angeles, CA. Zippertravel.com Digital Edition.

#9. How to make it absolutely easy? -> Tape it!

Pinterest.com | google.com.br.

#10. Definitely draws your attention.

Pinterest.com | Saved from
quetonodeverde.blogspot.com.br. | ESCAPARATE | San Valentín de Que tono de verde.

#11. Follow your heart and buy what you love!

Pinterest.com | Saved from

#12. DYI Valentine’s display window idea: fill it with baloons.

Pinterest.com | Saved from

#13. „Kiss me baby one more time.“

Pinterest.com | Saved by Cindy Smulders.

#14. Face to Face.

Pinterest.com | Saved from viewonretail.blogspot.nl. CASA REINAL ModeFabriek 2015 Amsterdam.

#15. Shining bright like a Louis Vuitton LED-light.

Pinterest.com | Saved from

#16. Balls of wool keep’n pace with season.

Pinterest.com | Valentines Yarn Display.

#17. Rouge de Shop.

Pinterest.com | Saved from ritournelleblog.files.wordpress.com. Guerlain (BB) A pretty and simple display.

#18. Heart shaped balloons all over. Different colors, dimensions.

Pinterest.com | Saved from

#19. 3D Hearts.

Pinterest.com | Louis Vuitton Window Display, saved by Urban Violet Boutique.

#20. You don’t spell LOVE. You FEEL it.

Pinterest.com | Saved from

#21. Don’t know what to do? Take whatever you have and HANG IT!

Basically, everything you hang on a transparent string, will (nearly) always look gorgeous in the air.

Pinterest.com | Banana Republic’s Valentine Love Colour centrepiece with Harlequin Design http://ow.ly/mnTfJ .

#22. Uniformed show window merchandising style of PRINTEMP’S Department store. Or make it big and even bigger!

Pinterest.com | Saved by
fashion map. Shop window of PRINTEMP’S.

BONUS – In-store Valentine’s Features

#A. In-store retail merchandising has to be as attractive as promised by the shop window presentation.

Simple metal frame fitted with speech bubble messages will take you right after entering the shop.

Pinterest.com | Saved from Retail Design Blog. Both POP ART and Typography.

#B. Detail is what matters.

Fresh fruit merchandising doesn’t fall apart.

Pinterest.com | Saved from


VOILÁ! That’s it. We’re on the end. I hope you had fun!

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